UAE destroys two Houthi missiles fired over Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) intercepted two missiles headed towards its capital Abu Dhabi on Monday morning. The UAE’s state-run WAM news agency said that the missiles were intercepted and its fragments fell over the city harming none. The missiles come as tensions soar between the coalition of Gulf nations and Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen, who last week killed three foreign citizens when they launched a drone attack at the Abu Dhabi airport. 

No one claimed responsibility for the attack but a report by news agency Reuters said that the missiles were inter-ballistic and the Houthis may have launched the attack. “The remnants of the intercepted ballistic missiles fell in separate areas around Abu Dhabi,” the ministry said in a statement accessed by Reuters. 

This was the second attack in a matter of one week led by the Houthis on UAE soil. The Houthis and the coalition led by Saudi Arabia are fighting each other for more than six years leading to high number of casualties in impoverished and war-torn Yemen as well as on the other side. 

The Saudi defense ministry also said that another missile fell in the southern part of the kingdom earlier on Sunday. It further added that two foreigners were injured and damages were sustained in an industrial area. 

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