Ukrainian Army dances to ‘Naatu Naatu’ song

A video of Ukrainian army personnel dancing to the Oscar-winning Naatu Naatu song from the film ‘RRR’ has gone viral, expressing their protest against Russia, which invaded Ukraine last year.

The video was shared on Twitter by Jane Fedotova, and shows the Ukraine military personnel from Mykolaiv showcasing their dance skills. The troops recreated the original dance steps performed by actors Ram Charan and Jr NTR in the film.

While the original scene depicted the lead actors protesting against a British officer, the Ukrainian version expresses their protest against Russia, which invaded Ukraine in February of the previous year, sparking a conflict that continues to this day.

The lyrics of the song were reportedly altered to take a dig at the Russian Army.

The caption shared along with the video states, “The military from Mykolaiv filmed a parody of the song #NaatuNaatu from the movie RRR, the main soundtrack of which won an Oscar this year. In the original scene, the main characters express their protest against the British officer (coloniser) with a song.”

By aligning their performance with the original theme of protest against colonisation, the Ukrainian military uses Naatu Naatu as a platform to voice their opposition to the actions of the Russian Federation, which they view as an oppressor that has colonized Ukraine.

The most notable aspect of Naatu Naatu that often goes unrecognized is the location where it was filmed — the Ukrainian Presidential Palace itself.

Image courtesy of (Twitter screen grab)

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