‘Unborn’ short film throws light on female feticide

A new hard-hitting short film is highlighting the long prevalent practice of female feticide on the OTT platform.

Titled “Unborn,” the film is written/produced by Indian American actress Rashmi Rustagi, who also stars in the 15-minute film. “Unborn” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, the media reported.

Directed by Jaswant Dev Shrestha, the film stars Ayushi Chhabra.

“A gynecologist told me that if an Indian patient finds out that the fetus is female, the likelihood of aborting it is very high, even higher if it is her second or third female child,” Rustagi was quoted as saying in India West. 

“Several other gynecologists said that they had similar experiences and that most of the time it is the husband and/or parents-in-law that pressure the woman to have the abortion.”

The reasons given by patients and families for their preference of a male child are the same everywhere: he would continue the family name; he would take care of the family business and his aging parents; and most importantly, a man is not masculine enough if he cannot father a son, she explained.

“As a woman and a mother of daughters, I believe that women should have the power to make decisions about their own bodies and to speak up for themselves,” noted the Los Angeles, Calif.-based filmmaker.

She stressed that she wrote and produced the short film to convey the above-said message to all the women in the world.

“If one woman, one husband, one family, sees this film and a female child is given a chance to survive and ultimately thrive, then this film has done its job!” she said.

Image courtesy of (Photo: Instagram)

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