Updated Google ‘Wear’ OS coming with easy swipe feature

San Francisco, Aug 30: Google has announced the third major update of its Wear operating system (OS) that is set to debut with tweaked user interface (UI), quicker access to notifications, smarter health coaching and more proactive help from Assistant.

We’re making it easier to browse, dismiss or take action on your notifications with the new notification stream.

Swipe up to see all your notifications at once and swipe down to get quicker access to shortcuts like Google Pay or Find my phone,’ Dennis Troper, Director of Product Management, Wear OS by Google, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

The revamped Wear OS would begin the roll-out mid-September.

Apart from maintaining schedules, checking weather, booking reservations, Google Assistant on the rebranded Wear OS would also suggest features on the device that could become helpful over time as it gets familiar with the user’s preferences and requirements.

The revamped Wear OS would also incorporate Google’s health-tracking platform Google Fit that was announced last week.

We worked with the American Heart Association and the World Health Organisation to design these goals based on their physical activity recommendations which are shown to have health benefits for your heart and mind, Troper added.

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