US asked to halt issuance of H1-B visa to Indians till cap on green card is removed

An influential immigration rights advocacy group has called on US President Joe Biden to stop issuing new H1-B Visas to Indian nationals until the “discriminatory” cap on lawful permanent residency or Green Cards is removed. This comes in response to the Biden administration’s decision to allow employers of H-1B visa holders to begin registering online for the H1-B Visa lottery, starting March 9, 2021. Immigration Voice urged the US government to stop issuing new H-1B visas to Indian nationals until the arbitrary cap on the number of Indians who can receive lawful permanent residency is removed because it has created a backlog of over 1 million people waiting for Green Cards with a wait time of 195 years.

Immigration Voice argued that the cap on Green Cards is targeted against Indian nationals, calling it a “100% Indian Exclusion Act.” The group said that the rule implies a de facto ban on employment-based Green Cards for any new Indian national entering the United States on an H-1B visa.

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