US Embassy in India surpasses goal of processing 1 million non-immigrant visas

New York: Dr Ranju Singh, senior consultant, Lady Hardinge College, was elated at receiving an email from the US Embassy about hers being the one millionth visa this year. Her husband Puneet Dargan, was granted the next visa. The couple will be traveling to the US in May 2024.

Greeting the couple as “Mr and Mrs One Million”, Ambassador Garcetti enquired about their travel plans to the US and made suggestions about what not to miss in the country as a tourist.

The US Mission to India on Thursday surpassed its goal to process one million non-immigrant visa applications this year with Ambassador Eric Garcetti personally handing over the one millionth visa to a couple, who will be heading to the United States to attend their son’s graduation at MIT.

“I couldn’t be happier today, happy for India, Indians and the United States. Prime Minister Modi and President Biden had said let’s do a better job in moving faster on the visas. We worked harder and smarter and we hit a million visa applications processed this year,” the ambassador said.

“Our partnership with India is one of the United States’ most important bilateral relationships, and in fact one of the most important relationships in the world,” he added.

Image courtesy of NewsroomPost

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