‘US-India Relationship Council’ launched in California

The aim of the new bipartisan advocacy group is to strengthen US-India ties.

Los Angeles:  A new bipartisan advocacy group, United States-India Relationship Council (USIRC), for the promotion of pro-India policies in the US Congress and executive branch, was formally inaugurated at an online event on July 4.

The group seeks to render endorsements and financial contributions to political candidates that have a time-tested commitment to strengthening the U.S.-India partnership, according to a press release. The objective of USIRC is to concentrate efforts on existing lawmakers who sit on the House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees, especially those from swing districts and states where Indian Americans can have an impact. The new body is registered with the Federal Elections Committee.

The USIRC board is helmed by the founders, chairman Dr. Amit Desai, CEO and president Dr. Jashvant Patel, and secretary and treasurer Dr. Nathan Punwani. All three spoke at the launch event highlighting the vision and mission of the group.

Dr Amit Desai, Chairman of USIRC, has a dentistry practice in Long Beach, CA.

Dr. Jashvant Patel, President & CEO, USIRC, is a Central Coast of California-based pain management specialist.

Among several prominent community members who attended  the launch event were Padma Bhushan Ved Nanda and Los Angeles city attorney candidate Teddy Kapur.

“We believe that the friendship between the world’s largest and oldest democracies has the potential to serve as the bedrock of the 21st Century,” claims USIRC.

At the inaugural event of the United States-India Relationship Council, with Indian Americans at the helm, several ideas were put forth on what could be done to strengthen Indo-U.S. ties.

For further information: www.usindiarelationship.org .

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