US media critical of Trump-Modi summit

New Delhi/Washington: The US mainstream media remained largely critical of the US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s summit in India on Monday.

While The New York Times in its online edition published a piece headlined, ‘After Texas, Modi Throws An Even Bigger Party in India’, its report on President Trump’s speech at Ahmedabad critically highlighted that there was no mention “of what critics call Mr Modi’s anti-Muslim policies”.

The Washington Post remarked pithily about Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath who received President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania in Agra, ahead of their visit to the historical monument, Taj Mahal. The newspaper owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos titled it ‘The hard-line Hindu monk Trump met in India’.

Incidentally, CNN ran a frivolous story bordering on racism saying, “President Trump — whose diet is often a rotation of steaks, burgers and meatloaf — faces a potential shock as he visits India, where Hindus are the majority and cows are revered as sacred.”

The story said, “When President Trump travels abroad — be it to Saudi Arabia or Singapore — his hosts usually try to make him feel at home with his favorite meal: steak with miniature bottles of ketchup on the side. But what’s a beef-lover to do in India?”

The reference was to the vegetarian host, Prime Minister Modi and the ban on cow slaughter in India. Many users on social media called out CNN’s bias against vegetarianism and India.

President Trump shares a difficult relationship with the US mainstream media as the majority disapprove of him and his policies. The Western media has also been critical of Prime Minister Modi and his government for their Hindu nationalism.

Image courtesy of IANS

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