Vikas Khanna’s ‘The Last Color’ on Times Square billboards

Just like his film, ‘The Last Color’ that is all about promises, director Vikas Khanna sure knows how to keep his word. A few years back, he’d made one to Neena Gupta, the actress of his film, saying that a poster of her from the film will be up on billboards at The Times Square in Manhattan. With posters donning the iconic billboard of one of the most-prominent locations in the world, posters of the film will also be present on buses in the city.

The Last Color, which premiered at the 30th Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, in January 2019, is finally getting its India release across PVR Cinemas.

Speaking about the film’s release in India, an elated Vikas Khanna said, “I had promised Neena ji that when The Last Color comes out, her picture in the beautiful pink color will be on New York Times Square billboards.

Today, as we release the film for everyone to witness this story of hope and promise, I, too, am going back to fulfil my promises and share with everyone this story with the ever-talented Neena ji.”

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