Vimal Lonavat: A Lady With A Mystical Bent

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She was 15 years old living in Rajasthan, who then said, “I lost my watch. An astrologer was called in and he told me the explanation of the lost article. This intrigued and set me thinking-what was this science” said Vimal Lonavat, a Marwari lady in awe of her “introduction” to the mystic astrologer.

She got married at the early age of 18, as was common in their community, but all felt that a housewife’s existence was not for her. She knew that she had to do something else but what it was, she couldn’t tell.

Time whiled away the years, dabbling in playing the sitar and writing poetry. In 1968, she started a dairy farm at Amravati. “Even while I had gone through its teething stages, I knew I would have to close it down in five. My sixth sense said so. Yet I spared no pains and hard work, which resulted in a successful business, and I gained fame in the bargain,” she said.

In 1974 at Nagpur Airport, she said, something attracted me towards the bookstall, it was books on Astrology. “I bought them without knowing the ABC of astrology. Meantime I had secretly been studying palmistry. On the basis of this, combined with a large amount of intuition, I started having events for the family members. My predictions came true, so my fame spread and I found more time for deeper studies as well as decided to be a professional in the hope that I’d have time to myself,” she said.

But she found that by “turning professional,” she was attracting many more!

“When I started studying astrology, many came, but failed to teach me. I had no regrets as I think God was testing my interest in this. Only when I eventually met my Guru in Pandit Vishwanath Dev Sharma, he quenched my mind and for my knowledge, I owe him everything as I am today,” she said.

She compares herself to a ‘Diya’ or oil lamp into which he’s poured the oil of knowledge before lighting the flame of contentment.

First Indian woman to receive doctorate in Astrology and Palmistry 

Lonavat studied numerology too. In fact, she mastered it in one night, and used it for accurate forecasting.

Before leaving for London in 1974, she had a chance to meet then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi briefly. She told the ‘iron lady’:

  • Mrs. Gandhi will stay in power but there are numerous enemies around her but, although no harm will come to her until she will either resign or die
  • Due to a bomb explosion and during this, there will be unearthing of enormous mineral wealth from the deserts of Rajasthan. This will result in great prosperity for India, especially Rajasthan the Jaisailmer area
  • Mrs. Gandhi will win over her opposition by an overwhelming majority of nearly 90% votes in the forthcoming elections
  • Economically, the country will gradually prosper from June 18, 1976 onwards
  • In the 1973 elections Margaret Thatcher will emerge victorious. There will be a tough struggle between the labor and Conservative parties till 1973
  • Info-American relationships will improve in the near future
  • China will not stage a war with India again

Astrology: As A Career 

Lonavat appeared for her Vishwabharati Samgha at Calcutta, prior to her departure for London. She got 84 percent in theory thereby breaking the record of highest ever marks in this exam to secure

a title of the Jyotisnataka, degree in Astro-science meant for only ‘A’ grade holders in India, and Jyotisaraswati degrees.

When in London, she got associated with Vidya Bhawan as an Honorary Lecturer. She also worked on her Ph.D. research paper to prove that with palmistry, astrology is an incomplete science and vice versa. But the Institute didn’t take her subject, with their argument being – Who would examine her?

(April 22, 1940 – March 3, 2023)

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