Vivek Agnihotri’s new film to shed light on Sikh riots

Fresh out of the success of ‘The Kashmir Files’ filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri said that his next film ‘The Delhi Files’ is not about Delhi, but it is about how Delhi has been destroying Bharat for so many years. Vivek Agnihotri said that the film will tell lots of truth about Tamil Nadu also.

Vivek Agnihotri, who was in Chennai recently, said, “Delhi files will tell you lots of truth about Tamil Nadu also. It’s not about Delhi, it just showed how Delhi has been destroying ‘Bharat’ for so many years”.

He further said, “…who ruled the country in Delhi how they destroy everything right from Mughal kings to the British to modern times.”

Talking about the massacre of Sikhs that took place in Delhi in 1984, Vivek Agnihotri said, “It’s (1984) is a dark chapter of Indian history. The way the entire Punjab terrorism situation was handled, was inhuman & it was purely from vote bank politics…. Till date, there has been no justice, what can be worse than that. But if history is taught to people, facts are told to people then people stand up and they seek justice”.

Actor Anupam Kher wished him luck for his next venture and tweeted, “Good luck dear @vivekagnihotri for #TheDelhiFiles!! I am sure as a filmmaker you will do great justice to another chapter of our past dealt wrongly. Looking forward to be part of it. #RightToLife.”

His last film ‘The Kashmir Files’, which was released on 11th March 2022, received a tremendous response not only in India but also abroad.

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