Voting on no-trust motion against Pak PM on April 3

Islamabad: Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed announced that voting on the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan will take place on April 3, Geo News reported.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he revealed the much-awaited date, adding that the final decision would be taken at the last hour, adding that PM Imran Khan will “play” till the last ball.

Reiterating his support for the PTI-led government, he stated: “I stand with Imran Khan” and hoped that voting will be held peacefully on April 3.

“In politics, some people win even after losing,” he said.

Following the power shows of the government and the Opposition, he said that all containers have been removed in Islamabad and all roads are clear.

The Minister said that as he mentioned earlier Chaudhry brothers are with PTI. He, however, hoped that the MQM-P will soon announce their decision in favor of the government.

“Their decision will be a decisive one,” he added.

“All those who have planned international conspiracies to remove PM Imran Khan will fail miserably,” he said, adding that all eyes are on the Supreme Court’s decision, Geo News reported.


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