Walt Whitman High School to get new main entrance security booth thanks to local lawmakers

South Huntington, NY: The South Huntington School District has received a $300,000 grant from the State to be used to enhance security in the district.  The money was secured by State Assemblyman Steve Stern and State Senator Jim Gaughran. 

The money will be used to construct a new security booth at the end of West Hills Court, the main entrance driveway to Walt Whitman High School off of West Hills Road in Huntington Station.   

“We are extremely appreciative of our local politicians’ efforts in assisting us in making the school district as safe as possible with the installation of the security booth at Walt Whitman High School,” said Superintendent Vito D’Elia. 

“Our children deserve to feel safe in school,” Assemblyman Steve Stern said. “I was proud to deliver $300,000 for the South Huntington School District to strengthen school security and help keep our students and teachers safe.” 

The post, where visitors must check in before entering school grounds, is currently kept secure by a school security vehicle. The new booth’s design is still being finalized and will be a permanent structure.  (See attached rendering) 

School Board President Nick Ciappetta said, “We are very thankful to Assemblyman Stern and Senator Gaughran for their continuing commitment to the South Huntington school district. The money will be put to good use making sure our campuses and students stay as safe as possible.” 

Construction is expected to begin in the near future.  



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