Ways to Organize Your Space

Do you find yourself drowning in all your clutter?

Typical space organizing tips are full of easier-said-than-done advice such as repurposing large furniture pieces in an already too-small room or dressing up a room with pretty decor and art without attacking the underlying clutter.

The following tips focus on cutting clutter, organizing small spaces so they are streamlined, and creating a serene vibe in your bedroom. Even better, they can be applied to bedrooms of any size.

  • Tidy up. Start with an initial sweep. Discard rubbish, put dirty clothes in a laundry basket, and make your bed.
  • Take inventory of your belongings. Start to evaluate which items in your room you no longer need and place them in a bin to be donated.
  • Put items away. Place all the items you’re keeping in their rightful place—jewelry in the jewelry box, books on the bookcase, and clothes in the closet.
  • Clear your bedside table. Throw away or put away items that you don’t use daily. Consider using a bedside caddy to store small items and free up space on your nightstand.
  • Tidy up your dresser drawers. Fold clothes that were unfolded, reconsider items you haven’t worn, and group clothing items similarly—pants in one drawer, T-shirts in another, and so on. Decide on a closet organization system. Organize your clothes by frequency of use, season, or color. Try to maintain space between hangers.
  • Consider additional storage solutions. If you have lots of books with no designated space, consider getting a bookshelf or a shelving unit you can attach to a wall to maximize floor space. You can also maximize floor space by taking advantage of hidden storage solutions.
  • Deep clean. Now that your room is organized and clutter-free, it’s time to clean. Vacuum carpets and rugs, dust shelves and light fixtures, and wipe down surfaces.

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