Webinar focuses on women’s health, nutrition through Ayurveda

Indian American Forum along with Reenbow Media presented a special webinar last week on Women’s Health and nutrition through Ayurveda. Mrs. Indu Jaiswal, Chairperson of Indian American Forum and Dr. Renee Mehrra, President of Reenbow Media celebrated Women’s History Month and National Nutrition Month with this very well-attended educational Webinar. The moderators were Dr. Renee Mehrra and Bhavan Srinivasan, MD. 

The speakers were Vaidya Vandana Baranwal, Gary Grewal and Gaurav Grewal. Those in attendance included members of the Indian American Forum as well as Mrs. Jyoti Gupta, Mrs. Nilima Madaan and Sunita Ramiah.  

Vaidya Vandana Baranwal is a doctor of Ayurveda in Ohio, specializing in women’s health, and a published author of two Ayurveda books on women. She is the founder and CEO of AyurveDatri- Women Wellness Solutions and brings her 30 years of experience to her practice.  

She emphasized in the Webinar on the unique concepts of Ayurvedic digestion and nutrition, and important herbs, spices and formulations to support different phases of life in women. She said care during puberty in Ayurveda aims at enhancing the growth and development of the reproductive system in specific and the person as a whole. There are specific spices such as fenugreek, food like jaggery, and herbs like Ashoka that support women during menstruation. Ayurveda recognizes the need for rest, repair and rejuvenation during postpartum and offers Sutika Paricharya which supports mother’s physical and emotional needs through spices and herbs like ginger powder, Dashmool and Saubhagya shunthi pak. Vaidya Baranwal mentioned Ayurvedic rejuvenating spices and rejuvenating herbs like Madhuyashti, Ashwagandha and Guduci to support women during menopause. All supplements, she emphasized were to be taken under the supervision of one’s medical doctor. 

The Grewal’s family journey of Garry N Sun started in the year 1999 when Gary (Malkiat) Grewal and his wife Sunita moved to Reno Nevada in 1999 from Dubai and decided to begin their holistic journey in Ayurveda. The Ruh Booty also known as soul of herbs was the first aromatherapy product that was launched. Two decades later, Gary N Sun has come a long way, making them one of the leading ayurvedic product suppliers in North America. They emphasized in the Webinar that their products were tested by accredited labs for heavy metals and microbes, and for highest quality. Gary and Gaurav Grewal explained each spice, and what it does to the body, including cumin, turmeric, cardamom, and yasthimadhu. The herbs that they chose for woman’s health were amla, ashwagandha, brahmi, and shatavari and main products Stri-Kalp, Brahma Rasayana, Menopause Balance, and Female Potency. Again all herbal formulations must be taken under medical supervision.  

Vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Jyoti Gupta. The next Webinar by Indian American Forum and Dr. Rene Mehrra on holistic medicine will be on Sunday, April 30th. 

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