When Nick, Priyanka’s mothers matched steps to Punjabi song

Los Angeles, Aug 29 : American singer Nick Jonas’s mother Denise joked about her lack of dance skills as she shared a video from a party which celebrated her son’s engagement to actress Priyanka Chopra.

Not only was the August 18 celebration the first time the couple’s families met, it was also the perfect setting for some dancing. The singer’s mother Denise fondly remembered the festivities on Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a video of herself and Priyanka’s mother Madhu, reports people.com.

Thank you Madhu for being patient with my lack of dance skills! I miss you. #engagementparty, Denise captioned footage of a special moment between her and Madhu.

The Jonas matriarch visited her future daughter-in-law’s home country for the first time along with husband Kevin Jonas Sr.

Priyanka’s mother recently gushed about Nick’s father on Instagram, posting a photo of the pair at the engagement party. New reason and season for joy, she wrote.

The couple was first linked up when they attended the 2017 Met Gala together. Despite hitting it off, the pair didn’t become romantically involved until the following year.

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