“Will continue to raise voice in support of Afghanistan”: India at UN

New York: India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj has reiterated the country’s steadfast dedication to peace, stability and humanitarian support for Afghanistan. In a UN Security Council briefing on Afghanistan this week, Kamboj highlighted key observations regarding the situation in Afghanistan while drawing upon India’s historical and civilizational ties with the Afghan people.

“As Afghanistan’s contiguous neighbor and a friend to its people, India has direct stakes in ensuring the return of peace and stability to the country,” said Kamboj at the outset of her address.

She also said that India’s collective approach to Afghanistan has been articulated in Security Council Resolution 2593, which was adopted on August 30, 2021, following the fall of Kabul and the subsequent Taliban takeover. “In this regard, our common and immediate priorities include providing humanitarian assistance for the Afghan people, the formation of an inclusive and representative government structure, combating terrorism and drug trafficking, and preserving the rights of women, children and minorities,” Kamboj added.

India’s permanent representative to the UN also underscored India’s commitment to helping Afghan people through educational scholarships and collaborations with UN agencies.

“Given the distressing humanitarian situation in the country, we need to prioritize humanitarian assistance to the people. India has delivered assistance to Afghanistan in the form of food grains, medicines, vaccines, disaster relief aid, winter clothing and materials for education,” she said.

“Going forward, India will continue to raise its voice in support of the Afghan people. We believe that the pursuit of peace and stability in Afghanistan is an urgent and shared imperative that demands our collective dedication,” said Kamboj.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported a staggering increase in poverty, with 97 per cent of Afghans living below the poverty line, a stark rise from 47 per cent in 2020.

Afghan currency becomes world’s best performer this quarter

Afghanistan’s currency, the Afghani, has unexpectedly claimed the title of the world’s best-performing currency during the September quarter, as reported by Bloomberg’s data analysis. Over this period, the Afghani has surged by 9 per cent in value, attributed primarily to a significant influx of humanitarian aid and a boost in trade activities with neighboring Asian countries.

In an effort to assert control over their currency, the Taliban have implemented various measures, including prohibiting the use of US dollars and Pakistani rupees in local transactions. Moreover, they have imposed stringent restrictions on the outflow of US dollars from the country. The regime has even gone so far as to criminalize online currency trading, threatening offenders with imprisonment, as Bloomberg highlights.

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