Will do music for a film as long as it stands for something: Ricky Kej

Music composer Ricky Kej is set to foray into Hollywood with the thriller ‘MR-9’. Helmed by Asif Akbar, it stars Bangladeshi actor ABM Sumon.

“The producers reached out to me after they heard my album Divine Tides and felt that it sounded perfect for the kind of theme they were going with. I immediately agreed because this is the first time a Hollywood film is showcasing a South East Asian as a protagonist,” he tells us.

The two-time Grammy winner says music is all about sending out a message, be it in films or his independent work. “I only make music that stands for something. I’d love to compose for movies, as long as the film has a message in it,” he continues, “I wrapped up a Malayalam film, Adrishya Jalakangal, which is an anti-war film. I want to compose for films across languages. But, they need to stand for something.”

The Bengaluru-based composer, who has been on tour since February, plans to take a break from it after his shows lined up in December, to work on an album. “I’ll happily take up any new opportunity for films that come my way,” he signs off.

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