With a few jokes, Biden and Obama revisit the ‘Good Old Days’

Washington DC: Former President Barack Obama returned to the White House on Tuesday, his first visit since leaving in January 2017, to celebrate a new policy that expands coverage under the Affordable Care Act, its flagship achievement in domestic policy.

 “Vice President Biden,” Obama said quietly in the East Room, an introduction he said was a joke. It was then up to actually President Biden, who had been Obama’s vice president, to show the other role he had held under Obama for eight years. Without wasting a moment, he said a salute.

“Mr. President, welcome to the White House, man,” he said, embracing his sidekick role when it was his turn to speak. “Feels like the good old days.”

The visit gave Obama and Biden a moment or two to engage in the kind of light-hearted ribbing. The visit of Obama, one of the most popular figures in the Democratic Party, comes at a time when Biden’s presidency could benefit from a boost. Polls continue to show low approval ratings for Biden, largely because inflation is at a 40-year high and gas prices are hurting American consumers. Seven months away from the midterm elections, voters have also questioned the Biden administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The appearance was seen as something of an endorsement from a man whose support Biden has always sought but not always readily received.

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