Woman alleges her husband killed Satish Kaushik for Rs 15 cr

In a latest development in the death case of noted Bollywood actor-director Satish Kaushik, a woman, who claims to be the wife of a Delhi-based businessman, has claimed that her husband allegedly killed Kaushik for Rs 15 crore which he took from the actor for investment purposes in Dubai.

The woman made the claim in a complaint she lodged with the Delhi Police Commissioner’s office, alleging that Kuashik was demanding the money back which her husband didn’t want to repay. She alleged that Kaushik was murdered with some pills which were arranged by her husband.

Last week, a senior police officer had said that they had recovered some ‘medicines’ from the farmhouse in Delhi where the 66-year-old actor had attended a party before his death, reportedly due to cardiac arrest.

The woman said that it was a planned murder. The woman claimed that she got married to the businessman on March 13, 2019, adding that she was introduced to Kaushik by her husband and the late actor met them regularly in India and Dubai.

She claimed that on August 23, 2022 Kaushik had visited their house in Dubai and demanded Rs 15 crore from her husband.

“I was present in the drawing room where both Kaushik and my husband got involved in an argument. Kaushik was saying that he was in dire need of money and it has been three years since he gave Rs 15 crore to my husband for investment purposes. Kaushik also said that neither any investment was made nor his money was returned for which he was feeling cheated,” read the complaint.

“My husband promised Kaushik that he would repay the money soon. When I asked my husband what was the matter, he said that he lost Kaushik’s money during the Covid pandemic. My husband also said that he was planning to get rid of Kaushik,” read the complaint, which also said that her husband deals in various kinds of drugs.

The complaint said that the businessman had a heated argument with Kaushik on August 24, 2022 over the money.

The woman claimed that her husband told Kaushik that the payment was made in advance and hence there was no proof of it, but he was ready to repay it for which he needed time. (IANS)

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