Women world over stand in solidarity with Finland’s PM

New York: Women across the world are sharing videos of themselves dancing on social media in a show of solidarity after Finland’s Prime Minister came under fire this week over a clip of her dancing, allegedly in a drunk state, with her friends surfaced online.

On a day when Sanna Marin received a negative result in a drug test that she took to “clear up suspicions”, several women posted videos with the hashtag ‘Solidarity With Sanna’. While some political opponents condemned Marin’s behavior in the videos as inappropriate for a Prime Minister, women on social media disagree.

In the videos, the women are seen dancing in their homes or in public settings. A user’s caption encompassed the sentiment behind the show of solidarity: “We should all dance a little more! I stand in solidarity with Sanna.”

Among the women that extended their support to the Finish Prime Minister included women politicians from different countries.

Fiona Patten, a member of Parliament in Australia, posted a picture of herself dancing on Twitter with the caption, “If letting off steam at a party is the worst thing your Prime Minister has done, then you’re a pretty lucky country.”

The “Solidarity With Sanna” movement has earned the Internet’s praise as well. “This is powerful and a brilliant reaction to the barely disguised misogyny of the past few days,” a Twitter user said.

In the controversial clip of the Finnish Prime Minister, Marin is dancing with a group of people in what appears is a private apartment. The video was reportedly initially uploaded on Instagram Stories after which it got leaked and went viral.

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