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The World was meant to be a Garden of Eden and heaven of bliss. The world we see before us is vastly altered from the world of yesterday. We live in an age in which we have made tremendous progress in the areas of science and technology. Despite our technological and scientific advances, the world is still aflame with fires of war. We find strife and dissension throughout the world. We find countries at war. Many nations are embroiled in internal conflicts. The peace of the world, for want of proper understanding, hangs today by a very slender thread. Daily we hear accounts of suffering and inhumanity. The social injustices and economic inequalities rampant everywhere have made people skeptical of God and distrustful of each other. The armed peace, the perpetual fear and inherent happiness in which we live, is not an ideal state to be desired.

We may wonder how God, who has made such a beautiful world can tolerate the tremendous suffering of His creations. Today the world is crying out for a better understanding of peace and freedom from conflict. If we could return to our true state and realize we are soul, we would find lasting peace and ecstasy. If we could tap deeply within ourselves, penetrating beyond the outer form of this physical body and mind, we would find a spring of eternal peace and happiness. When we examine our day-to-day life, we may question how it is possible to realize our true self and God.

The idea of real and lasting inner peace is not a mere ideology but can be turned into an actual reality if one could but introvert and peep within to know his real self. This can be achieved only through close contact with some Godman or Spiritual Teacher, who is not only well versed in theory but also in the practice of Science of soul.
The art of inverting our attention from the world outside to that within is popularly known as Meditation. Through meditation, we can tap into the fountain of bliss, light, and  joy within us and return to our original state of unity with God. The divine Light and Sound awaits us at the seat of the soul, between and behind the two eyebrows.
Scriptures and mystics referred to this point as the third or single eye. The Bible says, “If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light.” It is difficult to describe – using the limitations of human language – the absolute ecstasy one experiences when we become united with God.

Through meditation, we can transform ourselves into ambassadors of God’s love and light on the earth. As the soul journeys into the beyond and experiences its relationship with God, it has a great realization. It sees each living thing, whether human, animal or plant as a part of God. It seems that there is a soul in every living thing. Once we experience that we are all a part of God, we begin to see God’s light shining in all. We see all creation as children of the one Parent. This is a profound realization that brings about fundamental changes in the way we live. We develop love for everyone and every living creature. We begin to love all people equally. We develop tolerance and patience towards those around us. We develop the sublime qualities of compassion and understanding. There is peace, satisfaction, and harmony which fill us completely. The soul achieves its ultimate fulfillment and rests eternally in joy and happiness.

One by one, step by step, all human beings will find that they can attain true happiness and personal fulfillment by merging their souls with God through the process of meditation. In this way, we can bring about peace and unity on our planet. Peace and unity begin within each of us. When we merge in God and see the light of God in every being, we truly realize unity. If we truly wish to achieve human unity, we must first experience it ourselves. Then only we will be able to spread the fragrance of unity wherever we go. Others will be inspired by our example and will begin to emulate us. There would be an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity in the world. World peace can only become a reality when each of us individually has peace in our own circles. If we bring peace into our individual spheres, the effect will be cumulative, and it will contribute to world peace. Each of us must do his or her own small part to bring about the fulfillment of the noble dream.

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