World Vegan Vision & Hunger Free Zone provide free vegan meals to needy in Baltimore

Baltimore: One in four people in Baltimore city are struggling with hunger and food insecurity. With the Coronavirus pandemic and the closing of local schools and businesses, the need to provide food for those in need is vital.
That is where organizations like Hunger Free Zone & World Vegan Vision come in. On Sunday, Hunger Free Zone celebrated the continuation of the mission set forth by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami, the founder of ISKCON Baltimore & World Vegan Vision mission set forth by founder H.K & Malti Shah.
Hunger Free Zone is part of a global network of food for life feeding millions of people across the world for several decades. The Baltimore chapter began working in the community in December of 2020.World Vegan Vision is a non-profit organization established in 1992 and has five chapters in the US & India  promoting healthy life vegan way.
World Vegan Vision & The Baltimore chapter of Hunger Free Zone feeds over 1000 people each week. Their mission is to promote veganism and systematically propagate spiritual consciousness  in Baltimore.
The food provided is fresh, delicious, highly nutritious and world class culinary vegan meals.

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