‘Would love to hear Priyanka Chopra’s story’: Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has revealed that he is eager to embark on an adventure with a female icon, like Priyanka Chopra. Grylls, who recently worked with Ranveer Singh, said that he is looking forward to the journey with a female star, saying, it “will happen and soon”.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Grylls talked about previously taking Nick Jonas on an adventure with him. He said, “Priyanka Chopra would be incredible – I took her husband away once on a journey and he was a great guy. People would love to hear her story.”

Grylls also revealed about Ranveer and his personality in general. He said, “Life is all about finding our own true purpose and living with eyes and heart wide open with courage and gratitude — those qualities shone brightly from Ranveer. In return, all I seek to give him is the encouragement to keep living as he is”.

After embarking on a number of adventures, Grylls became famous for his television show ‘Man Vs Wild’. He has been on adventures with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and actors such as Ajay Devgn, Vicky Kaushal, Rajinikanth, and Akshay Kumar.

Talking about his journey in India, he said, “The warmth of love and welcome I always feel from Indian superstars – they are always so kind and embracing to me – I feel like an honorary Indian and that is the greatest blessing I can ever ask for. India is always so close to my heart.”

Image courtesy of (Photo courtesy: beargrylls.com)

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