Xavier Medical School is now accredited with New York State

New York: The New York Board of Regents has approved Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba (XUSOM) on July 17 to place students in long-term clinical clerkship in New York State for 7 years. This is the longest term of approval that can be given to an international medical school,  XUSOM President Ravi Bhooplapur said proudly, and explained what it means.

New York State Education Department approval allows:

  • Xavier graduates to enter residency training in New York
  • Xavier students to complete all 72 weeks of clinical training in New York teaching hospitals

This landmark achievement makes Xavier as only one of seven Caribbean medical schools to be approved by New York State Education Department. Xavier was ranked among top 10 medical schools in the Caribbean by Money Inc. magazine in 2018 and has a 96% USMLE first time passing rate.

Under the leadership of Chancellor Dr. J.G. Bhat and Chairman of the Board Mr. Edwin Casey and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Arun Dubey, XUSOM, with its admissions office in Long Island,  is committed to providing high quality affordable medical education to everyone.

President Bhooplapur has thanked the Board of Trustees for their unwavering support and the entire academic team for their tireless work in achieving the latest accomplishment.

Along with approval from New York State Education Department, XUSOM is one of a few schools to hold full accreditation from both ACCM and CAAM-HP. The US Department of Education, through its National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA), recognizes both ACCM and CAAM-HP as approved accrediting bodies.

Statements from XUSOM President, Chancellor and Chairman on the landmark achievement

Ravishankar Bhooplapur


In November 2003, I received an invitation from Dr. J.G. Bhat for a meeting with a group of doctors and senior executives of a hospital to discuss setting up an offshore medical school. I was surprised to learn that there would be a shortage of physicians in the ensuing 10-20 years, which further piqued my interest in medical schools. I began researching and meeting with experts to understand more about establishing a medical school. At the time I worked as an insurance broker and came across many physicians in various specialties. They all motivated me, saying it was possible with the firm belief of making a quality medical school. After years of scouting for locations across Central, South America, including the Caribbean, we ended up in Aruba. It turned out to be the perfect place due to its lovely climate free from tropical storms and vast American influence.

From the very beginning, our main objective was quality over quantity. We have always strived to provide quality education to our students at an affordable price. At Xavier University School of Medicine, we have always focused on academic excellence, which brought us accreditation by international bodies such as ACCM and CAM-HP. The accreditation from New York State last week is of course a landmark achievement. These accreditations facilitate our graduates to compete well in residency matching. With the recent pandemic, the demand for doctors is more than ever, and acquiring all the essential accreditations will further benefit medical students, hospitals & the well-being of our society.

Dr. J.G. Bhat, Mr. Edwin Casey, Dr. Prahalad, and Dr. Kota have been committed trustees from the very beginning, and without their support and expertise, we would not have reached here. I would also like to thank Dr. Ben Stalnaker, the founding VP of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Brain Little, who served as Chief Academic Officer. Everyone has contributed to the success of the school with their wealth of knowledge.

I am also happy to give an update on our state of Art Campus, which is under construction in Aruba at a cost of $60 million. Phase I will be completed this December, and Phase 2 by early  2022.

Xavier also received 501C approval  as public charity from IRS in 2019. My goal is of $5 million endowment by 2023, of which we have already received over $500,000 commitments from Trustees and other donors.

This is an exciting time for Xavier students and faculty.


Dr. J.G. Bhat


I am delighted by the action by the New York State Board of Regents granting XUSOM accreditation to place students in long-term clinical clerkships in New York State. This provision would allow our students to complete their entire graduate medical education and licensure in the State of New York. XUSOM will be one of the seven Caribbean medical Schools to achieve this status. I am also very proud that XUSOM is the only Caribbean medical school accredited by both Accreditation Commission of Colleges of Medicine (ACCM) of Dublin, Ireland, and The Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAM-HP). XUSOM has progressively shown excellence in its academic achievement as demonstrated by one hundred percent pass rate in USMLE and the ability of its graduates to secure residency positions in competitive fields in the United States. The new campus construction, which got delayed due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Aruba, has resumed, and we believe the first phase will be completed by October this year.

Edwin F Casey

Board Chairman

This accreditation for Xavier University School of Medicine from New York State is the culmination of many years of careful planning and focus. Many thoughtful decisions have brought the school this valued approval.

The forecast of a very large shortfall of physicians in the United States has reminded many how medical education is essential to the population’s health.  XUSOM is positioned to grow its population of bright and eager students. The exemplary professors, courses, and facilities (many currently up to date and under construction) provide the foundation for  exceptional scholarship and testing success. The Trustees and leadership continue to offer moderate tuition allowing qualified persons of all means to apply, persevere and flourish.

We are committed with foresight and care to our mission of affordable and exceptional medical education.

Image courtesy of XUSOM

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