Yes, sanitizing human body is possible the Indian way


By Dr A.D. Amar, Ph.D.

President Trump was correct when he talked about sanitizing/cleansing interior of the human body to cope with the viruses like COVID-19. It may not be done with chemicals, but with plants and herbs, something that has been going on for many millennia. According to the Indian  medicine system of Ayurveda, it can be done using seeds, leaves, and flowers, among others. Sanitizing body this way is actually more durable than using chemicals because, in addition to cleansing, it also builds antibodies that keep the inside from getting polluted again.

One such seed, for example, is the Indian mustard seed. It is a very tiny seed of brownish color. Its oil is very commonly used in India to remain sanitized. Applying it in nostrils, ears, on lips, hands, hair, face, eyelids, etc., in fact, all parts of human body, keeps people sanitized for a much longer time than using Purell. Mustard oil is commonly consumed in the form of pickles, and by frying and cooking foods with it. Mustard leaves (known as broccoli rabe in the USA) consumed cooked as a thick paste also cleanses the interior of human body.

Following the ancient Indian practice of cleansing polluted soil by planting mustard on it, the scientists in the USA and other countries around the world have cleansed soil of heavy metals by sowing mustard on polluted lands. This characteristic is specific to the Indian mustard because it sucks heavy metal through its tiny roots that go deep and extract heavy metal. On harvesting, this crop is destroyed by burning and reclaiming the heavy metal and leaving the soil cleansed. There is no known way to cleanse soil of heavy metals that are known to cause many birth defects and other maladies in humans.

There are several other herbs and spices that are also effective in sanitizing human body. In fact, it may explain why some people are not inflicted by viruses such as the COVID-19 when others do. The main issue is that American medical techniques heavily depend on chemicals and American Medical Association (AMA) opposes anything else. And, unfortunately, the western medical system can neither cure common cold nor COVID-19. We have to increase the education of Americans of the alternative ways of maintaining and curing human disorders of the body and mind and to keep them healthy.

As a proof, when Indians live in such close quarters, making the population density of their habitats amongst the densest in the world, they still are not inflicted by viruses as do others living in the countries of the West, including the people of India descent. ad amar

The author, A.D. Amar, Ph.D., is Professor Management, Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ.

Images courtesy of Abhishek Biswas and thesatimes | Welcome to The South Asian Times

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