Yogi Adityanath says BJP will win 300-plus seats

Lucknow: Launching a scathing attack on BJP turncoats, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said the small-time leaders who ditched the saffron party are now struggling to secure seats.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, Adityanath touched upon several issues, including his 80-20 remark, the Samajwadi Party’s poll promises, Jinnah and Hijab rows, and forming the government in the state with 300-plus seats.

He claimed that the saffron party will win 80 percent of the seats in the state Assembly polls. “We are fighting the poll on the planks of nationalism, development, and good governance,” he said.

“Those who have left the party are finding it difficult to secure a seat. If these people had a mass base, then they should have fought from their traditional seats, like I am contesting. All of them are leaving their seats and running,” the chief minister said.

On Samajwadi Party (SP) promising money for the development of temples and maths, the chief minister said: “Saints of Ayodhya, people of the nation and ‘Ram bhakts’ (Ram devotees) have not forgotten the time when the SP regime ordered police firing on Kar Sevaks.

“The truth is that their party’s name is Samajwadi, but they are ‘dangawadi’ (provoking riots) and their mentality is ‘parivarwadi’ (dynastic). They don’t have holistic and inclusive thinking, so development, good governance, and establishing the rule of law are like a daydream for them.”

When asked that opposition parties are teaming up to defeat the BJP, and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is also supporting them, Adityanath said that in 2019, the SP, BSP, and RLD stitched an alliance but at that time too, the saffron party won 80 percent seats. This time the alliance is not that big and people have also seen the work of the double engine government.”

When asked that though the BJP talks about ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ (inclusive growth for all), it has not given a ticket to any Muslim, the chief minister said that elections are based on the support and trust of people.

“Those who apply for a ticket are reviewed at the district and region levels and then their names are recommended to the high command. Those who are able to earn public trust are given tickets,” he pointed out.

On the performance of SP, BSP, and the Congress in the polls, the chief minister exuded confidence that the BJP will win 80 percent of the seats, while the three opposition parties are engaged in a triangular contest for 20 percent of the votes.

On the Jinnah and Hijab rows gathering momentum just prior to elections, the chief minister said that to divert people’s attention from good governance and development, SP made a ‘sick’ effort to honor Jinnah on the birth anniversary of the Iron Man Sardar Patel.

“When we were discussing welfare schemes to be extended to the sugarcane farmers of the state, SP was busy glorifying Jinnah. When we were talking about rural development, they were talking about Pakistan. SP is making futile attempts to rake up such issues and divert people’s attention from the main issues, which are development and good governance.”

The chief minister said that people are happy with the work done in the state relating to security, law and order, development, good governance, and public welfare schemes, and the unprecedented work in the field of respect for faith. (IANS)

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