Young Jain saint achieves rare feat – 154 fasts in 187 days!

Mumbai: In a world that ‘lives to eat’, a young Jain saint, aged 28 years, has survived without food by keeping 154 fasts in 187 days, consuming only boiled water.

The Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Mahatapp in Jain philosophy – performed by Tappkesari Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb – does not allow one to take any food, fruits, medicines, or supplements, but just boiled water.

“While millions of people waste their food every day, there are a rare number of souls who invest their human birth through the strength of tapasya (fasting),” Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, Guru of Param Pavitramuni, said.

Thousands of people, including more than 100 Jain sadhu-sadhvis from various sects, gathered in Mumbai to celebrate the euphoric event, called Tappotsav as Param Pavitramuni concluded his over six-month-long fast on March 16. Community and sect leaders bestowed the title of ‘Tappkesari’ upon Param Pavitramuni and honored him with a shawl.

Expressing his deepest gratitude, Param Pavitramuni said, “I am a very ordinary saint, but the respect that you all are showering is for the path of tapasya (fasting) shown by Parmatma Mahavir. With my Guru’s grace, these are just my tiny footsteps on the path of sadhana. Today, I seek your blessings that I may be able to undertake even bigger fasts to purify my soul.”

Prominent members and leaders of the Jain community attended the week-long Tappotsav in Mumbai.

The event also witnessed a huge fundraiser that raised $400,000 for animal welfare activities to spread the essence of non-violence far and wide.

Jains are known to eat only the kind of food which adheres to their spiritual values – vegetarian food devoid of any root vegetables. And this is their utmost faith in the tenet of Ahimsa (non-violence), which says that root vegetables contain infinite microorganisms and shouldn’t get harmed for our taste and enjoyment.

Jain philosophy believes that fasting is not for achieving any worldly goal, or any other-worldly goal. Fasting is the process of feeding your soul. And while the world is exploring several kinds of health and wellbeing methodologies today, Jain ascetics have been advocating these for thousands of years.

The philosophy also reveals that fasting helps lessen perversions of the mind, which improves one’s focus and concentration considerably. It conserves one’s energy and improves physical and mental health.

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