Zoho Corporation’s CEO Vembu faces family controversy

Chennai: The Forbes magazine article about Zoho Corporation’s Founder and CEO Sridhar Vembu “is to undermine his commitment to India and its civilisation”, “Thuglak” magazine editor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue S. Gurumurthy said.

“Forbes report on Vembu’s personal life as a business report has a deeper design to undermine Sridhar’s larger commitment to his motherland and our civilisation. As one who knows Sridhar’s problems for a decade, the issue is Sridhar wants to be in India. That is the real dispute,” Gurumurthy tweeted.

Vembu and his wife Pramila Srinivasan are fighting a divorce case in the US courts.

The couple have a 24-year-old son suffering from autism.

According to the report, Srinivasan has alleged Vembu of “abandoning her and their son and also transferring his stakes in Zoho to his sister”.

In a series of tweets Vembu said: “With vicious personal attacks and slander on my character, it is time for me to respond. This is a deeply painful personal thread. My personal life, in contrast to my business life, has been a long tragedy. Autism destroyed our lives and left me suicidally depressed.”

“It is complete fiction to say I financially abandoned Pramila and my son. They enjoy a far richer life than I do and I have supported them fully.

“My US salary for the last 3 years has been with her, and I gave our house to her. Her foundation also is supported by Zoho,” Vembu said.

“As our son got older (24 today) I felt the endless treatments he was under were not helping much and he would be better off in rural India, closer to loving people and helping to lift up people. She felt I was giving up. Our marriage collapsed under that stress,” he tweeted.

Vembu also blamed his uncle Ram (his father’s younger brother) for the mess by spreading malicious rumours about him and his siblings.

The Zoho founder lives in Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu where Zoho has a center.

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