Ashwin Ramaswamy outraises Shawn Still 8-1

Johns Creek, GA: Ashwin Ramaswami, Democratic candidate for Georgia State Senate District 48, has reported raising $135,792 in his first official filing with Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, beating incumbent Republican Shawn Still by more than $120,000, who only raised $15,698.75 in this period.

“This outpouring of support from our community is truly humbling,” said Ramaswami. “It reflects a hunger for fresh leadership and a desire for real change in our state. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to our campaign and believe this is just the beginning of our journey together towards building a brighter future for all Georgians.”

This achievement underscores the growing momentum and widespread support behind Ashwin Ramaswami’s candidacy. Born and raised in Georgia, Ramaswami’s deep roots in the community, coupled with his innovative vision for progress, have resonated strongly with voters. He is committed to fully funding Georgia’s education system, investing more in local public safety, and lowering costs for working families.

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