Ayurveda-inspired Indian beauty brand enters US

Washington: A traditional Indian beauty and wellness brand inspired by Ayurveda has announced its entry into the American market as part of the efforts of Indian companies to expand their global footprint.

The firm, Aromazeia, launched its collections of essential oils, attar and aromatherapy products, many of which are manufactured in the foothills of Himalayas, at a yoga event at Times Square in New York.

“The response (from people) was amazing. They were really excited to get essential oils in the goodie bag actually. Frankincense is really good for yoga and meditation and since they were coming up to this yoga session, they were really excited to use these products,” Swapnil Pathak from the firm was quoted as saying.

Established in Kannauj in 1911 by her great grandfather, Aromazeia is a traditional Indian beauty and wellness brand inspired by Ayurveda and the ancient science of healing, said Swapnil.

“My great grandfather started in 2011, and then my father continued doing it. I’m the fourth generation. They were into wholesale manufacturing,” she said, adding that in 2015 she created this brand to take it directly to the people and now with the US launch objective is to bring this wellness product to the American market as well.

Aromazeia’s most popular product is Mitti Attar, the smell of the first rain, which is being manufactured in the perfume capital of India-Kannauj, she said.

Seeing the response, she exuded confidence of lasting in the US market. “Actually, people are more interested in natural products than cosmetics, these days,” she said.

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