Connecticut citation is an affront to India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity: AIA-NY

“We, the Indian-American Community, are extremely disturbed to learn of the citation extending congratulatory wishes to World Sikh Parliament on the so-called Sikh Independence Day by the Connecticut General Assembly. This outrageous citation is an affront to India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The so-called Citation is nothing but a nefarious attempt to sow division in the Indian- American community on religious lines and manipulation of the platform of the General Assembly of Connecticut,” Associations of Indians in America – AIA, New York chapter President Harish Thakkar said in a press statement to The South Asian Times.

Our community works hard to contribute to our adopted homeland, the United States of America, and are equally attached to our motherland India and its well-being. We have been over the years working for the betterment of India’s relations with the United States. However, issuance of such documents from the State of   Connecticut, not only undermines India but is equally disrespectful of the Indian-American community and imperils friendly relations between the USA and India.”

We strongly appeal to the lawmakers to recall the citation. While the harm that has already been done cannot be undone, this way, at least we can bring a semblance of responsibility and understanding to the matter. We hope that the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut will not fall for such deplorable attempts by divisive elements again and refrain from supporting any move that is detrimental to the unity and harmony of the community in Connecticut. We remain committed to working with the Government of Connecticut for the betterment of the people of the State of Connecticut and for furthering relations between the United States of America and India.”

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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