From ‘Chithi Aayi Hai’ to ‘Thodi Piya Karo’: Here are Pankaj Udhas’ top 5 ghazals

An admirer of legends Begum Akhtar and Mehdi Hasan, Pankaj Udhas too ascended to fame through his ghazals. Here are five ghazals of Pankaj that continue to be cherished by music enthusiasts.

‘Chithi Aayi Hai’ | His first song to achieve widespread acclaim was from filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Naam’ (1986). “I had the feeling that I was going to be part of something special,” Pankaj shared during an earlier interview, recalling the first time he encountered the lyrics of “Chithi Aayi Hai”. Its lyrics depict the joy of a migrant upon receiving a letter from home, which feels like the soil of the motherland, evoking a deep longing to return.

‘Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha’ | Composed by the music composer duo of Anand–Milind for the movie ‘Dil Aashna Hai’, Pankaj made an appearance as himself in the scenes of this song as well. The song narrates the thoughts of a person who desires unconditional love but never receives it from anyone.

‘Ae Gham e Zindagi Kuch Toh De Mashwara’ | Yet another mesmerizing ghazal by Pankaj, he crafted the track for his 1985 album ‘Nayaab’. Written by Zafar Gorakhpuri, the lyrics depict the dilemma of a drunkard torn between choosing to go to his beloved’s house or the bar.

‘Chandi Jaisa Rang’ | Portraying the splendor of a dearly beloved, this ghazal consistently evokes feelings of love in listeners.

‘Thodi Thodi Piya Karo’ | Similar to love, Pankaj was well acquainted with the emotion of melancholy, and “Thodi Thodi Piya Karo” exemplifies this sentiment perfectly. (Indian Express inputs)

Image courtesy of X@Pankajkudhas

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