GOPIO convention 2024 to discuss opportunities for diaspora

New Jersey: The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) January 28 kicked off preparation to launch GOPIO 2024 Global Convention of People of Indian Origin at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey. The convention is scheduled for April 26-28.

The theme of the convention is ‘Opportunities for Diaspora Indians in India’s Big Manifest Future.’ The GOPIO Executive Council has also appointed New Jersey businessman Prakash Shah as the Convention Convener. The launch event was attended by GOPIO International and chapter officials from the New York Metro area along with representatives of community and professional organizations.

At the launch ceremony Shah said, “Lauding the positive optimistic vision prevailing in India, presents an opportunity to Invest in India which provides the best and biggest opportunity in the World. While India needs the 35 million diaspora to invest, it is an incredible opportunity for the Diaspora to prosper.”

GOPIO President Lal Motwani said, “We are doing this major event in the US after eight years, this time in New Jersey. This is a big opportunity for our vibrant community in the Tristate area and in the US to participate and help with this very Important event for the 35 million strong Indian Diaspora.”

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