India and the US are always stronger working together, says Eric Garcetti

New Delhi: Ambassador Eric Garcetti has said that climate action and green energy are some of the biggest pillars of the US-India alliance. In an interview to local media in India, the U.S. ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti said, If you told somebody 20 years ago that Indian companies would be creating jobs in America, leading in technology, they would have said, are you sure?

“India and the United States are always stronger together when we’re working on climate. At the recent COP in Dubai, we came together and are putting in a $1 billion fund, half of it from the United States government and half of it from the Government of India to accelerate green infrastructure and energy investments here in India,” he said.

Garcetti said that about 10% of all the business that the U.S. do in the world is in India, the next biggest country is about a quarter of that globally. “We love India, and we want to see more and more green deals. If you’re a company, a community, a state government, or a central government, that is looking for accelerating financing, come to us because we are open for business, and we love working in India,” he said.

On the question of Indian companies taking advantage of incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act, he said that the Inflation Reduction Act or IRA is the largest piece of green legislation in world history, not just American history. And it doesn’t discriminate. You don’t have to be an American company. You just have to be willing to invest in America.

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