Let us stop an attempt to malign Swastik sign

By Dr. Jay Sarkar

Concerned by the atrocious New York Senate Bill S-2727 of 22 January 202 that misrepresents the Swastik sign, and aware of the strong response in the Indian community, I am sharing some thoughts here.

As Americans we send the elected officials to represent our needs truthfully and for the benefit of all fellow Americans.

Unfortunately, some mal-intentioned and malicious group of elected officials and lawmakers have taken advantage of our trust in them and abused and misused their authority, responsibilities and high positions.

They have been NEGLIGENT and violated their duties and misrepresented and misguided our Assembly and Senate. They have failed in performing their lawful, trustworthy and responsible duties entrusted in them.

The Swastik sign, which is like the Holy Cross, has benevolent connotational meaning attached to it, and is as such  held in very high reverence and esteem and being practiced as such by people all over the world.

These elected officials maliciously misrepresented the Swastik sign and commingled their hateful misinterpretations to see it as a hate sign and Flag of the Nazis and attempted to pass the Bill S2727 in Jan 2021. They, wrongfully and unethically, spewed their hate crime and hateful criminal sentiments on us, the fellow Americans, by attempting to resurrect a dead Bill S6648 from last year. These violators of law have insulted the religious sentiments of fellow Americans, which is the Constitutional and lawful right of the Americans.  They have committed violation of law against us, Indian Americans, who are agitating against this atrocity.

Nobody, we repeat NO BODY, needs to beg to them or plead with them or attempt to appease them or try to make them understand the meaning of the components of the Bill S2727.

They are conferred to be the most HONORABLE SIR/MADAM and afforded the highest esteem, trust and authority granted and stipulated by the law.

They are all ADULTS and LAWMAKERS.

They are fully responsible for their knowledge and their own actions.  They are very well fully knowledgeable about the facts of any Bills which they draft or attempt to resurrect a dead Bill, or support or vote on or attempt to make into Law.

For such and other unlawful activities and deliberate and  negligent behaviors, legal action is being taken as per law for such consequences and to prosecute these perpetrators and to repeal any and such misrepresented Bill S2727 of Jan 2021.

As Americans, united we stand for our Legal Rights and Equal Protection of Law, Right to Freedom of Speech, Right to Freedom of practice of one’s own FAITH SYSTEM, under the Constitution of the United States of America, Equality, Justice, Peace and Dignity for all.

Dr. Jay Sarkar

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