Matsyasana: The yoga for love

By Atul Vyas

Some time back one Indian American lady came to me with a strange problem. She said she has a one year old son but she does not feel any love for him. I instantly knew that she has a problem with the fourth chakra called ‘Anahat’, whose purpose is compassion, unconditional love and empathy. When this chakra is imbalanced or blocked in a person it makes him or her uncaring, unfeeling, unforgiving, angry, hateful, jealous, etc.

On the contrary, if it is balanced, it creates feelings of unconditional love, compassion, truthfulness, responsibility, generosity, warmth, etc.

Love is a unifying force as it draws things together and keeps them in relationship. From this unity, we can touch an underlying continuity with the larger aspect called ‘divinity’.

Love is the force of chakra four or ‘anahat’ chakra. When this chakra is balanced, and functioning properly, it promotes healing, affinity and balance. Each chakra receives its charge of energy by being in alignment with the ‘sushmana nadi’ or the central psychic channel.

When a chakra is imbalanced, blocked or malfunctioned, one has to make an effort themselves to put it back into balance. In this endeavor, yoga comes very handy. One of the yoga poses to balance this chakra is the ‘Fish Pose’ or the ‘matsyasana’. It is designed to expand the chest cavity.


  • Lie down on ground, flat on the back and stretch the legs along the floor
  • Place the hands under the hips, palms down, pressing down against the elbows, lift the chest upwards, arching the neck back and touching the head (if possible) to the floor
  • Breath deep in a relaxed way
  • Hold the pose as long as comfortable and then come back to normal


  • Opens fourth chakra
  • Balances the fourth chakra
  • Good for eyesight
  • Enhances functioning of thyroid gland
  • Also works as bronchodilator

Note of Caution
Those suffering from dizziness, vertigo, arthritis and cervical spondylosis should avoid this pose.



Atul Vyas likes to be called a “Yoga Scientist”. He is a celebrity yoga trainer and has trained several top Hollywood and Bollywood stars. He has trained for years under many eminent yoga gurus including his illustrious mother Daya Vyas, the first lady yoga guru of India.

Images courtesy of Yogateket and Image provided

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