Minita Sanghvi secures Democratic nomination for NY’s 44th Senate District

Saratoga Springs, NY: Minita Sanghvi has officially secured the Democratic nomination for New York’s 44th State Senate district following critical endorsements from the Saratoga County Democratic Committee and Schenectady County Democratic Committee.

Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Martha Devaney stated, “We are proud to endorse Minita, a committed advocate and proven problem solver. Her roles as a dedicated parent, respected educator, and effective public servant showcase her commitment to delivering results that rise above partisan politics. Minita is exactly the leader New York’s 44th State Senate district deserves.”

Schenectady County Democratic Committee Chair Frank Salamone stated, “As Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Finance, Minita has invested in key city improvements in a fiscally responsible way. Given her successful record of funding the third fire station, a 24/7 homeless shelter and getting more sidewalks, parks and playgrounds for the community, I’m certain that as state senator, she’ll deliver on infrastructure and stimulate our region’s economy.”

Minita Sanghvi is a parent, educator, and Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner. She is running as a Democrat for NYS Senate District 44, a Republican-held competitive seat.

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