Muslim cleric’s appeal resonates with Twitterati

#Shahi Imam trended on Twitter with 7,045 tweets.

One user wrote: Most people don’t know the reason for the protests! Yet someone is talking sense now.

Another said: Woah. This is something.

One user was obviously not in a mood to accept his appeal. One protest should also be held against the Shahi Imam. When we are raising a voice in support of democracy, we should boycott him as well.

Another Twitter user wondered why the Shahi Iman had woken up now after enough damage had been done to the public and public property. He realises that the violence won’t work anymore after seeing strong action against Jamia (students).

One user quoted the Muslim cleric and asked for sharing it with the community. Citizenship law has nothing to do with India’s Muslims – Shahi Imam. Please share this and convey to all Indian Muslims.

While addressing a gathering here on Tuesday, Shahi Imam had appealed to exercise restraint.

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