Spread the Fragrance of Love

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

There is a beautiful expression that says, “It does not cost anything to smile.” And that smile can brighten someone else’s life. That person in turn may bring good cheer to others that he or she meets. This cycle continues and our one smile or one kind word will multiply so many times that a number of people will have a bit of joy added to their lives.

Going a step further, we can begin to care even for strangers. Throughout the day, we pass so many people on the street. We wait in line at different stores for items that we might buy. We sit on trains and buses and airplanes with so many people. Oftentimes a smile, a greeting, or striking up a conversation with another person can touch their hearts with the love and concern that they may not receive from anyone else.

Sant Rajinder Singh science spiritualityIt is easy to remain in our own shells and ignore those around us. But sometimes people have no one to talk to, no one with whom they can share their troubles.

Love and compassion are the forces that give life to slumbering hearts. Life is not worth living without love. All beings from the very young to the aged thrive on love. It gives joy, ecstasy, and sweetness to life. We should nourish all those we meet with life-giving love and compassion. How easy it is to utter a kind and encouraging word to those we meet. How happy we can make each other’s days. How simple it is to smile at others and talk to each other with caring phrases.

We offer flowers as a symbol of love to those who are near and dear to us. Let us offer flowers to all we meet. It is my hope that we carry these flowers with us in our hearts and in our actions, so they emit the fragrance of divine love wherever we go.

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