State department to crack down on ‘Dunki’ flight operators

Washington: The United States authorities will be cracking down on “Dunki” flights with the State Department announcing a new visa restriction policy that targets owners, and senior officials of charter flights, and ground and maritime transportation companies that enable the irregular migration of people from third world countries.

The new policy targets transportation operations that prey on vulnerable migrants and facilitate irregular migration around the world and to the US. “No one should profit from vulnerable migrants—not smugglers, private companies, public officials, or governments. We will continue engaging with governments and the private sector, both within and outside the region, to eliminate this exploitative practice,’’ said the State Department.

“In a growing trend, charter flight companies have been offering flights—and charging extortion-level prices—that put migrants onto a dangerous overland path north to the US border. Many of these migrants lack a legal basis for entering or remaining in the United States and are often returned to their home countries, having wasted significant personal resources and put themselves and their families at risk,” said the US State Department.

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