Town of Oyster Bay awarded competitive state grant for green infrastructure upgrades

In recognition of the Town’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino today announced that the town was selected to receive a $435,000 Grant from the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation. These funds will be utilized for a water quality improvement, green infrastructure, and stormwater solutions project in Oyster Bay Harbor.

“From leading the charge to clean up the Grumman Navy Plume of dangerous chemicals seeping into drinking water to opening a new shellfish hatchery that improves water filtration, I’ve been a strong advocate for protecting our water quality,” Supervisor Saladino said. “This grant represents a significant investment in the future of Oyster Bay Harbor – which was rated the best regional harbor in America – and sets a precedent for sustainable water management practices that can be replicated across the region. I thank Friends of the Bay, the Waterfront Center, and Oyster Bay Community Rowing for their continued support of our environmental initiatives.”

The project aims to address water quality issues in Oyster Bay Harbor by implementing comprehensive green infrastructure improvements at Beekman Beach and the Mill River Outfall. It includes the installation of nine floating wetlands, 1200 linear feet of wetland restoration, and oyster reefs to mitigate stormwater runoff from a multi-jurisdictional watershed covering approximately 1850 acres. Additionally, this project will advance plans at the 2-acre impervious Beach Parking Lot for porous pavers, street trees, and bioswales from community-created concept plans to a final design package.

Oyster Bay Harbor, known for its diverse marine life and ecological significance, has faced challenges due to stormwater runoff, leading to closures of shellfish harvesting and swimming areas. The project’s focus on natural filtration systems, such as floating wetlands and oyster reefs, demonstrates a commitment to restoring and preserving the health of the harbor ecosystem.

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