Deepa Mehta to direct thriller about Indian woman serial killer

Known for helming such notable films as ‘Fire’ and ‘Midnight’s Children’, acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta is now set to direct her next film. Titled ‘Troilokya’, the thriller film revolves around an Indian woman known to be a serial killer.

Bankrolled through pan-Asian film company Through The Lens Entertainment and India’s Open Air Films, ‘Troilokya’ is set in 19th century Calcutta during British rule and sees a female prostitute embark on an unheard-of killing spree. For more than a decade, she is hunted down by Detective Priyonath Mukhopadhyay.

Talking about the film, Mehta said in a statement, “The challenge of depicting a serial murderess as a heroine is what intrigues me most about ‘Troilokya’. ‘Is it possible to muster empathy for this child bride turned prostitute turned killer?’ is a question I ask myself. And the answer is always an unequivocal ‘yes.’”

She added, “Her journey in British-colonized India is, in my opinion, jaw-dropping. ‘Troilokya’ finally lays to rest the image of long-suffering, docile, and husband-worshipping Indian women with mind-blowing compassion. ‘Troilokya’ was a no-brainer project to resist. I can’t wait to be on set and say ‘Action!’”

Screenwriter Juhi Chaturvedi of ‘Piku’ and ‘October’ fame has written the screenplay. The film is set to mount the shooting floor in August and September with locations including India and Thailand.

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