Hamas rejects latest ceasefire proposal, says ‘Israel is ignoring core demands’

New York: Hamas has rejected the latest cease-fire proposal, accusing Israel of ignoring its core demands, which include an end to the war and a full withdrawal from Gaza, media reports said.

In a statement issued this week, the militant group said it had informed mediators that it was sticking to its original position, conveyed earlier in March. It said Israel had not responded to its core demands of a “comprehensive ceasefire, an (Israeli) withdrawal from the Strip, the return of displaced people, and a real prisoner exchange.”

The statement came shortly following the approval of a resolution by the United Nations Security Council, which urged for an immediate cessation of hostilities and the liberation of all captives detained in Gaza.

The vote sparked a dispute between Israel and the United States, with the latter choosing not to exercise its veto power on March 25. Consequently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a scheduled visit of a high-level delegation to Washington.

Netanyahu has rejected Hamas’ demands, calling them “delusional.” He has vowed to resume Israel’s offensive after any hostage release and keep fighting until Hamas is destroyed.

Image courtesy of X@netanyahu

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