Receptivity: Being the empty cup

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj 

Being receptive is like being an empty cup. This describes the attitude we should adopt in meditation and in our spiritual life. In meditation, pitchers of divine wine of spiritual love cascade into us from God. If we meditate like an empty cup, we can perpetually receive wine of ecstasy. 

Meditation should be an effortless effort. We close our eyes and simply gaze at what lies in front of us, without any thought of what will or should appear. The sooner we sit in that state, the sooner we will have inner progress. It is for God to decide what to give us within. For example, sometimes when meditating, we get distracted by thoughts such as wanting to see a particular colored light or inner experience. Our mind becomes so determined to see what it wants to see that it distracts us from our concentration. In meditation, we should not be disturbed by thoughts generated from our mind. Even sitting with a preconceived idea of what we should see is considered a distraction of thought. If our mind is constantly thinking of what it wants to receive in meditation, it is blocking the way for the divine grace to enter. It is like a friend is knocking at our door, but he or she cannot enter because we are standing in the doorway. The very thought of what we expect to see in our meditation is an obstacle for it keeps our mind active and we cannot focus our attention on the inner light. We merely have to sit at the door and wait. God will fill us with more grace and blessings than we could ever have dreamed of. If we sit in humility and keep our hearts open for whatever God wants to give us, pitchers upon pitchers of the sweet waters of life will pour into us. The divine wine of the light and sound will flow through us and around us, and we will be satiated with bliss and inebriated with the wine of spiritual love. 

Our spark is lit by a spiritual Master at the time of initiation into the inner light and sound. Next, we maintain the flame when we learn to meditate, lead an ethical life, become a vegetarian and avoid alcohol and intoxicating or hallucinogenic drugs, perform selfless service, and by attending satsang. Finally, we merge our individual spark into the dazzling Eternal Flame illuminating our soul and spreading light to the whole world. We can reach this ultimate stage when we further ignite our spark by developing receptivity, a ruling passion, gratitude, and love. 

Receptivity is an openness to receive the light, love, and bliss of the Eternal Flame. It involves keeping our floodgates open to receive all the treasures of the Divine. 

Meditation with the attitude that we are an empty cup is the highest state of prayer. It means that we do not even ask for anything but just wait lovingly and devotedly for whatever God wants to give. It is a prayer in which we know that God will give us what is best for us. 

To derive the greatest benefit from the blessings bestowed by God, we should adopt this humble attitude of the empty vessel. Our mind will be emptied of its ceaseless desires and distractions. We will instead be open to receive wave after wave, pitcher after pitcher, of sweet grace. We will find ourselves attaining union with God in the shortest possible time. ( 

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