In a first, India to chair, host UNESCO World Heritage Committee

In a historic milestone, India is set to take the reins as the chair of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee for the very first time. The announcement was made by the Permanent Representative of India to UNESCO, Mr. Vishal V Sharma, marking a momentous occasion for the nation’s cultural and historical legacy.  

New Delhi will be the epicenter of global discussions on heritage preservation, as the prestigious World Heritage Committee session in July. This significant responsibility underscores India’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting the world’s cultural and natural treasures.  

The World Heritage Committee had decided at its 19th session to conduct the 46th session in India which is now scheduled to be held from July 21 to July 31, 2024, as per the official notice released by UNESCO.  

The decision to host the session in New Delhi underscores India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, providing an ideal backdrop for the discussions on the global stage. The World Heritage Committee, composed of representatives from 21 member states, plays a crucial role in evaluating potential new additions to the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also oversees the implementation of conservation measures for existing sites facing challenges. 

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