Parineeti opens up about her early struggles in film industry

Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra, who was recently seen in ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’, discussed her initial years in the film industry, revealing that she didn’t earn too much money at that time. Luxuries such as flying business class seemed out of reach, and she didn’t consider them until later in her career. The actor recalled when a Mumbai-based co-star mocked her for not being able to afford a trainer for Rs 4 lakh every month.

In a conversation with Raj Shamani on his podcast, Parineeti said, “I don’t come from a very rich background. I’m actually a very simple, middle-class girl. I genuinely don’t understand Bollywood. I genuinely don’t know how people in Mumbai operate. I don’t have these high-flying friends. I don’t have a trainer, stylist, everything already ready for me. And people who were already from here and already knew this world judged me a lot.”

Parineeti explained that she didn’t earn much during the first couple of years of her career. She remembered someone suggesting she hire a trainer for around Rs 2 lakh a month to lose weight, along with a nutritionist costing almost the same.

She said, “I was like, ‘I don’t have 4 lakh a month to pay. I don’t make that money. This is my third film.’ And I remember going up to a co-actor of mine who has grown up in Bombay, in this world, and of course, comes from a place of privilege. He’s like, ‘Why aren’t you hiring these people? And I said, ‘Listen, but I really can’t afford it.’ I was paid Rs 5 lakhs for my first film. He was like, ‘If you can’t afford it, then you shouldn’t be in this profession.’”

She said that experiencing luxuries like flying business class and first class came much later in her life. The actor thought about it until she completed her fifth film and checked her bank account, realizing she could finally afford to buy the things she desired, like bags and shoes. The actor added, “At that time, a lot of people were like, “Listen, you should be wearing this, you should be wearing that.” And I used to think in my head, “But I can’t right now. Like, give me time.” And I was judged for that. It’s very weird, this happens.”

Image courtesy of X@ParineetiChopra

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