American YouTuber speaks Telugu at Indian Restaurants, offered loads of free food

American YouTuber Xiaoma has a penchant for learning Indian languages and is often met with warm responses. Telugu being one of the Indian languages spoken widely in the US, Xiaoma decided to go around New Jersey, visiting Indian restaurants there and ordering in Telugu. First, he goes to a restaurant called Pariwaar Delights, where he orders some Irani chai. Upon placing his order in broken Telugu, Xiaoma is met with a smiling response from the person at the counter. Later, he is also complimented on his “Telugu skills”. Next, he visits a restaurant called Hyderabad House, where he tries goat biryani. Apart from conversing in Telugu, Xiaoma devoured the biryani and found it “phenomenal”. He gets some free chai as well. At the next restaurant, Sapthagiri Taste of India, he gets an uttapam and a mango lassi after the people at the counter recover from him unexpectedly ordering in Telugu. At Golconda Chimney the YouTuber gets more free food. First, he is offered a discount by the person at the counter, who says he hails from Hyderabad. Then they also converse about how Xiaoma learned Telugu online, and how he had never been to India but would like to go. Later, Xiaoma gets some complimentary rasmalai from the restaurant. “I feel like I’ve eaten so much free food today,” the YouTuber says. He adds that he has been trying to leave big tips at the restaurants and trying to make up for it.
Earlier, Xiaoma went around Tamil eateries in New York City. Narrating his experience, the YouTuber wrote, “I’ve been fascinated with the Tamil language ever since I learned that it is one of the world’s oldest languages still in use. Spoken in both India and Sri Lanka it’s actually quite rare in America, but I was able to find some restaurants in and around New York City that are run by Tamil speakers and here’s what happened when I tried ordering in this ancient and beautiful but extremely challenging language.” First, he went to a very famous dosa stall in New York City. After this, he visited a Tamil food shop and placed orders in the Tamil language. Impressed by his fluent Tamil, the owner of the shop told him that the food was on the house. (Source:
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