FII US and Canada chapters celebrate India’s 75th I-Day

New York: The Federation of Indian Industries US and Canada chapters celebrated 75th year of India’s Independence on 29th August, 2021 through an online virtual program.

The event commenced with a welcome note immediately followed by unfurling of the National flag by the Guest of Honour Brijendra Singh, Member of Parliament Lok Sabha followed by playing of the Indian National Anthem.

The program commenced with a brief note by the Director General Deepak Jain. He set the theme for the celebration – New India…Shining India and talked about the current positioning of Indian industry and economy. He emphasized the need for thought leadership in the country and invited the global community for nation building activities. He also explained how FII is committed to take India into the new world order with its global presence and several verticals of activities.

The limelight of the event was the address by Maj Gen GD Bakshi, Chairperson, Water Resources Committee. Gen Bakshi talked about the strategic war that India and the world may face. This was followed by the launch of his book “Thunder Dragon.” Mentioning about his book Gen Bakshi narrated that it is an entirely fictional account of a hypothetical scenario that is chillingly probable and based on detailed research & analysis regarding the Covid 19 as a probable or deliberately released part of a biological warfare attack designed to cause disarray and collapse of nations & set them up for military strikes and economic devastation.

The country heads of US-Chapter Mrs. Rachna Nath and Canada-Chapter Vidya Bhushan Dhar were introduced during the event and each of them talked about their aims and intentions of working with the Indian head office. An overwhelming presence of the Pravasi Bhartiya community reflected the enthusiasm. The presence of international diaspora from Thailand, London and Germany is of significant mention. 

In his keynote address Brijendra Singh talked about how after independence India rose to an economic power and how it is exponentially rising to be the superpower. He emphasized that India is successful because of its democracy which is its main power. He mentioned that India is currently a $2.65 trillion GDP 5/6 position in the globe and with the collective efforts of all Indians $5 Trillion is not very far. The Government is committed to ease of doing business. But we must start thinking of moving from being import oriented to making India self-reliant. We must capitalize on our human resource, he added.

Sardar Harbhajan Singh of FII spoke on how Indians have started believing in them and what is the role of the global diaspora in building the Indian industry and economy. 


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