Inaugural Diwali animation to light up One World Trade Center

For the first time ever, Diwali-themed animation will adorn One World Trade Center, a symbol of New York City’s eternal goodness. The animation will occur daily, Nov 2nd – 4th, 6:00pm – 2:00am.
“We are excited to create and curate the colorful imagery of Diwali on the WTC podium to bring the messages of peace, harmony, and unity,” said Mark Domino of the Durst Organization.
“There is no better symbol of the triumph of resiliency than the World Trade Center and we are very fortunate to work with The Durst Organization to bring this message to all,” said Rahul Walia, Founding Trustee of South Asian Engagement Foundation.
Alongside this central theme and that of Transcending Darkness to Light, one of the key tenets of this Indian festival is selfless service, something that the NYPD & FDNY embody wholeheartedly as part of the American spirit.
SAEF is dedicating this year’s lighting to New York’s finest, especially as the United States still observes the 20th anniversary of 9/11. SAEF plans to honor them through its social media posts, and requests everyone celebrating Diwali throughout the United States to do the same for their own local first responders.
“We’re so honored that the first annual All American Diwali is dedicated to the police officers of New York City. As a police officer of Indian origin, I’m particularly excited to see the One World Trade Center light up for this festival, a symbol of our city’s enduring spirit.” Det. Annand Narayan, President of NYPD Desi
On Nov 3rd at 7:30pm, a spectacular Diwali fireworks show will light up the sky on the iconic Hudson River. Anyone can enjoy the digital mural up close and the Diwali spectacular from the banks of the Hudson in NYC and NJ at no cost. People are encouraged to take selfies and put #AllAmericanDiwali to help spread the message.
Major benefactors of the All American Diwali include premiere digital currency platform, CrossTower and Atlanta based 27th Investments, a National investment firm.
“Diwali is a time that celebrates family and universal compassion, and we are grateful to be sharing the values of solidarity and peace with the greater New York community. The CrossTower team is proud to be partnering with the inaugural All American Diwali, marking this very special occasion on the Hudson.”
“All American Diwali embodies the spirit of not only the sentiment behind the festival but also integrates itself into the fabric of Americana. 27th Investments is proud to support this experience,” says Anil Damani, CEO 27th Investments. 

At SAEF, the work is dedicated to building a strong brand for the Indian American community by empowering them and catalyzing the conversation around Indian Americans.

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